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We are a beacon of Hope and a unique harbinger of the simple, yet profound Message of Jesus Christ, Who is made truly present among us in the Breaking of the Bread. 

LUMEN CHRISTI CATHOLIC TELEVISION NETWORK based in the heart of Lekki, Lagos Archdiocese has since day one, been working closely, with the Hierarchy of the Mother Church in Africa and Lay faithful of brilliant minds in every genre and format. We regard our work as a Divine mandate of  evangelization geared towards spreading the Gospel of the risen Lord, propagating the Faith of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church and delivering same to all the nooks and  crannies of the world along with the ever so important message of the DIVINE MERCY OF GOD as adequately encapsulated by the great Polish Nun - St. Maria Faustina Kowalska on her Divine Mercy in my Soul DIARY! We recommend this DIARY to all visitors to this site and urge you all to join in further spreading this ever so compassionate provisions of Christ Jesus for poor/lost Souls!

We welcome contents from across the Catholic world  and works round the clock to produce cutting-edge pure Catholic contents that is inspiring, engaging, original and dynamic. Take a look at our schedule of programmes to learn more about what we do and get in touch today so we can start collaborating in the arduous but soul winning digital evangelization Apostolate.

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We are a lighthouse of Hope and a unique forerunner of the simple, yet profound Message of Jesus Christ, Who is made truly present among us in the Breaking of the Bread.



Lumen Christi Catholic TV was officially launched in 2014 by the Archbishop of Lagos, Alfred Martins in the presence of other Bishops and the Catholic faithful. The Channel is geared towards furthering the gospel.

The headquarters of the TV station is located in Lekki, Lagos, from which transmits multiple daily celebrations and the network is currently built a state-of-the-art production and broadcast facility on Lekki Neibourhood in Lagos, Nigeria.

The TV was established by an African for African Catholics, broadcasting the practice of Catholicism by Africans from the perspectives of their age-long, rich socio-cultural heritage. Started in Lekki, Lagos on 13 May 2014 aim to broadcast pure Catholic content 24 hours daily.”

Catholic viewers in Africa can expect the Daily Mass, Angelus, Holy Rosary recitation, homilies, reflections and Catholic teachings meant to deepen the knowledge of the Catholic faithful. Other programs will be on the Catechism of the Church, documentaries and the coverage of major Church events.

We founded our apostolate with one goal in mind: creating beautiful, unique, and thought-provoking contents to the delights of Catholic Faithful Around The World. Thanks to our professional approach, we’ve been lucky to collaborate with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Once you start working with us, you’ll understand the LUMEN CHRISTI CATHOLIC TELEVISION NETWORK difference. We broadcast your church events live and  our skilled team members will leave no stone upturned until your project is completed to your satisfaction. If you’d like to learn more about our production services, get in touch today.

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Passion | Vision | Commitment

At about 45 years old, Prince Robert Soji Olagunju probably received a divine knowledge on the need to set up a Catholic Television Network that would cater for the faithful not only in Nigeria, but the whole of Africa and beyond.

Although the vision was quite clear but scary, considering the huge funds that would be required. The enterprising young man had confessed he was not enthusiastic about it and so decided to jettison the idea all together. 

Like Jonah of old, he spread his tentacles in other business endeavours, particularly those that would bring-in maximum profit. But the Lord was not through with him. 

The vision kept haunting him. Being a retired Register well vast in the financial market, he believed he was not cut-out for the task of running a media station. 

Yet, one major thing he had going for him by way of qualification for the task was his sound Catholic background, particularly the privilege of having two siblings as Reverend Sisters. One of them, incidentally, Rev. Sister Josephine Olagunju SHCJ, is well grounded in communication activities. Could it be that God had put this together all along? Prince Olagunju was still hesitant.

In the course of time, he sold some portions of land at Lekki, determined to plough the funds into the building of a five-star hotel. Much later, the very person he sold the land to, approached him and begged to return it, saying he was not well disposed to making use of it any longer. A perplexed Prince Olagunju reluctantly took it back just as he again received a word of knowledge that the land was meant to house the television station. And, once more like Jonah, he was caught in a delicate web he could not extricate himself from. The rest is now history.

Three years down the line, Lumen Christi Catholic TelevisionNetwork has already become a household name across the globe as the first privately owned Catholic television in Africa, operating in the mode of the famed Eternal Word Television Network, EWTN. 

Last Wednesday, at the occasion of its 3rd anniversary celebration which attracted the crème of the Catholic community across the country and Africa, the station also dedicated to God its DSTV Channel 350, the Live Streaming Service and the Opening of the Saints Peter and Paul Centre for Evangelization and Faith Formation- a three-in-one event. What a journey in faith!

But while we rejoice with the founder, management and staff of the television station which has so far done us proud, there is also need to support them. This was re-echoed by Archbishop Adewale Martins recently. Indeed, Prince Soji Olagunju confessed that the cost of running the station the last three years had run into hundreds of millions. This is incontrovertible, judging from the enormity of its coverage, especially the cost of being on DSTV. 

And so the buck is now on the court of all people of goodwill to financially support this wonderful initiative that is helping to propagate the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ for the benefit of humanity.

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